Panel discussion «Straight talk on our Green future»

: Online
: 18 December 2020
On Friday 18th December 2020 at 15:00 (Moscow time) Russian Foreign Trade Academy toghether with Italo-Russian Civil Societies Dialogue Forum hold the panel discussion for students «Straight talk on our Green future».

Despite all fears, that the pandemic might negatively affect global «green» trend, we clearly see that the transition to a low-carbon economy even accelerated in 2020. EU, USA, China, as well as many international energy majors, have announced carbon net-zero plans.

The governments tie progress on environmental priorities to financial support for troubled sectors. The current shift and emphasis on innovation and sustainability highlighted the worldwide need for cleaner sources of energy, stimulating the transition towards renewables and cycle economy on a global scale.

However, the accelerating trends towards the adoption of more sustainable economy, the transition to «green» technologies are still facing serious challenges for further improvement. With the younger generation being closely engaged in the topic of the «green» future, the purpose of this round table is to discuss: how is the «green» transition evolving in our lives? What new trends are appearing on the global arena?

Moderated by: Ferlenghi Ernesto (co-president Italo-Russian Civil Societies Dialogue Forum) and Averianova Svetlana Viacheslavovna (Head of the English Department, Russian Foreign Trade Academy)


15:00-15:15 Introduction Speech
Ferlenghi Ernesto / Averianova Svetlana Viacheslavovna

15:15-16:10 Speakers:

  • Fabio Coacci, The ecological crisis and the urgency for a global green transition
  • Stepanov Nikita, Environmental pollution in Russia: reasons and aftermaths
  • Rodolfo Maria Salvi, Green energy transition and geopolitics
  • Olena Liakh, Greener corporate management for more sustainable and responsible businesses
  • Tkachenko Maria, Coronavirus and Green Economy
  • Bratchikov Mark, Green Economy for extending economic benefits
  • Priporova Sofia, Greenpatrol in Russia
  • Fabio Cardoso, Sustainable practices as a booster to the performance of Russian companies
  • Rakovitsa Ekaterina, The contribution of world-famous firms and brands to the Green Economy
  • Mikhailova Svetlana, Earth hour

16:10-16:20 Students remarks

16:20-16:30 Q&A